Get Started

Welcome to the AltspaceVR Software Development Kit! Here is how to get started with the AltspaceVR SDK:

Apps, Enclosures, and Displays Tutorial
Explains what an enclosure is, and how to find and use them.

Building AltspaceVR Apps With A-Frame
Tutorial walking you through getting your first app running in 15 minutes.

Hosting Your Apps
Show your friends your app by hosting it on JS Bin or GitHub.

Local Development Tutorial
This will walk you through setting up a local web server and building projects with the AltspaceVR SDK!

Webpack Starter Project
If you are comfortable with the command line and npm we have created a Webpack based starter project you can use to jump right in.

Once you get going with the SDK, you will likely have deeper questions. Check out the documentation for the answers you seek!

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